We are excited to be offering a very important resource tool — Medical Thermal Imaging

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Inflammation:  The Corner Stone to Dis-ease

Early Detection — and What You Can Do!

Thermography or Thermal Imaging — An FDA Cleared Adjunct to Mammography

Safe, Painless, and Affordable

Breast thermogram

Thermograms benefits all women.    Proper breast self-exams, physical exams and now thermography together provide you with the earliest detection system available.  Mapping your health annually helps you detect changes, often before disease develops.

No More Mammograms!!!     Dr. Mercola really spells it out – Click on this link :  

Largest, Longest Study on Mammograms Finds No Benefit

Breasts, Women/Men’s Health and Full Body Screening is available.   Thermography provides one of the only methods to help you “visualize”  your pain.  By assessing your pain, and thus create a more target-specific treatment plan.  Whether your pain is acute or chronic, thermography can help provide answers to your pain issue.

A new concept in preventative health is now available in our clinic.  Medical Thermal Imaging

Is cutting-edge technology and shows inflammation specific in the body.

Had Thermography before?  How is this different?

One of two of the highest quality technological cameras in the world.  this imaging tool creates a digital map of your body that illustrates hat patterns.  These thermal images are analyzed for abnormalities that may be signs of disease by a panel of 10 M.D.’s, highly trained in thermography analysis.

The Thermograms provide:

* Reliable and accurate information for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

* Precise and objective data from the accurate measurement of thermal info

* Considerable financial savings over conventional investigations

* Emits no radiation

Find out if you have inflammation before it becomes a major problem.  This information is of particular interest to you if you’re a woman, however, men will also find it extremely helpful.  this imaging provides a non-invasive, pharmaceutical, non painful, and quick.

There are a number of areas in which thermography helps you to better understand our body, but it specializes in:      Breast Imaging for very early detection, Pain Diagnosis – specific to inflammation, and Early Stage Dis-ease.

Take charge of your health today!!

Screenings are available by appointment once a month on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month

We offer Lunch and Learn from time to time.  Please call to find out more information

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