Heart Forgiveness

Deeply connect to Your Own Inner Power And Creativity.   Allow Yourself the Love and Adoration You Deserve. Yes, It is Possible!!!

Guaranteed to renew your passion, open up your possibilities and empower you – in your daily life

PeaceThis is a four part seminar that systematically opens these possibilities up for you.  Special Schedule for Holiday Prep!!   Four Sessions compact into one week for your convenience and experience!!

A Core Health Workshop that assists individuals to forgive from their Heart, not just their head! Research Proven, Guaranteed to Positively Impact All. When Free from the drag of the Past, we are now Free to move info our Future.

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This is a Core Health Workshop that assists individuals to Forgive from their heart, not just their head.  This work has been research proven, Guaranteed to Positively Impact all.

Heart Forgiveness is the key to unlock the door of the “energy prison” you have created with anger. Set your self free, with this simple key. We learn this in terms of energy, utilizing “energy measuring” as both a means of discovery and a means of experiential learning. True learning is by personal experience.