Structural Energetic Therapy – Beyond the Box by Don McCann

This article was written by my teacher and is the basis of my training as a bodywork therapist:


Rehabilitation from Pain Acute & Chronic



by Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT

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November 2013


holding the flower growing

November 2013

My practice has really grown in its scope over the last few years.    After 8 years of doing amazing work with the 2 year cranial structural work with Don McCann, it came time for me to expand that knowledge.  My clients were demanding it — and the cases were getting more challenging.   I always take this as a good sign — and then I “go for it”.    I have upgraded my skill level three-fold, to include advance cranial training with Dallas Hancock — and further refining with Flo Barber —  that has increased the efficacy of my work immensely.  Then this past summer, I had the privilege of working with a very accomplished Oesteopath and Zuni Medicine Teacher, which took my practice to a whole ‘nother level!

I have a new distinction in my practice — which you will notice on my updates in FB and my massage site:   I call this The Luminous Body.   This refers to our etheric body — which is truely the template in which our physical body emerges from thought, through the embryo stage.  What an astounding awakening for me!!  To begin to comprehend the manifestation into this world starting from thought!  and then follow the emerging from the next phase:  breath, to then the segmentation of that breath into the 3D “reality” I was taught – is called “the Dreaming” — where the embryo forms, starting with the 4th Chakra – the heart — which is the very first organ that starts.  Literally within 24 hours — we have a heart – that beats!!  Then the 2nd chakra point forms and on it goes…

So, actually — getting to the deeper level of the etheric body, hold the most power for us, in our core — for our own healing.   And it is so subtle!!    This is one of my biggest challenges in my practice, especially after having done deep bodywork for 15 years!! — and being so focused on this 3D reality.  Yet, I have always been aware of subtle energies — for certainly, I work with them thru the energetic healing work and the essential oils.  So it is a shift from my hands — and me, just getting out of the way — and wow!! What a difference!!

So I am having fun exploring this newness, and opened to see where it leads……………..