The Blossoming Heart — The Sublime Effect of Essential Oils

holding the flower growing

How can we refresh and invigorate ourselves? How do we slow down and take the exit from the fast lane?  How can we let go of busyness and experience time to be?

The Blossoming Heart will help you move through any of your patterns that may be holding you back  — it is a synthesis of 25 years of clinical research and experience thru naturopath, kinesiology and aromatherapy.

Essential oils have been used since ancient times. Thru using Aromatic Kinesiology, we can see when the human spirit is motivated through the heart, thinking and feeling become expanded, allowing an experience to be viewed in an entirely different manner.

Essential oils have brought into our lives much more than simple fragrances.  All plant-based remedies have the potential to initiate an awakening of the soul.   They can rekindle our passion and dynamically activate the flowering of the heart.  Employing the true essential plant oils – (not the synthetic fragrances that abound in 90% of the products on the market), discovering that particular oil that carries you to new and exciting places, can heighten and deepen our awareness of how to influence our physical health, our state of mind, and our connection to spirit.  The creation of beauty can transcend us into another time and place deep within our being.

This 2 hour workshop will be held in the beautiful Longboat Key Education Center (in the Center Shops) on Gulf of Mexico Drive.   A Sublime Experience!!!   January 18th

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