Its Lavender Time in France — Come Join Me!

It’s Lavender harvest time in France, and the fields in the Provence Region are bursting with color of Sunflowers, Wheat, and of course lavender. Albeit, lavender grows all over the world today — but forever will the name Provence and Lavender will be linked. This has been a dream of my for 15 years, and I’m so grateful that this has now come into being. In some ways I feel that I’m returning home, and even better, I will be joined by Aroma colleagues of mine from over 9 countries.

We will be covering the beautiful, amazing scenery and atmosphere in the middle of lavender country from the town of Sault, in addition to the distilleries, markets, herbal fields, rose gardens, and basking in the making of exquisite skin and facial products and body care products.

Please join me as I will be doing live FB feeds along my journey — I so want to share it with you.. Join me on my FB page: Essential Eve’s Garden Apothecary —  From July 6th – July 18th — See you on the other side.

Check this link out to get a preview (you’ll have to copy and paste it in you browser):

With Great Love, Light and Fragrance!

Patricia Ann Starr


Stay posted for the return with some great courses and shares.

Structural Energetic Therapy – Beyond the Box by Don McCann

This article was written by my teacher and is the basis of my training as a bodywork therapist:


Rehabilitation from Pain Acute & Chronic



by Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT

“A mind stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension” author unknown Continue reading

Aromatherapy Training – Certification


Why We Don’t Offer Aromatherapy Certification

Most aromatherapy programs offer for you to become a “Certified Aromatherapist,” but what does this really mean? Since aromatherapy is not officially regulated, as in other trades like massage and nursing, we get a broad spectrum of aromatherapy programs and how they market their educational products. 

We’ve decided against offering a particular title of certification, and instead focus on what it really takes to create confident and empowered Aromatherapy Practitioners.

All our classes do give a certificate showing you have completed the hours and topics listed. However this is not a certification or license to practice. In reality, the term “certification” has no meaning, it is simply a marketing term used by schools just like how the terms “certified pure therapeutic or pharma grade” are used by essential oil companies.

The only recognized title in aromatherapy is the Registered Aromatherapist or RA designation. This is given after one takes the independent exam offered by ARC

Our classes and course are designed to help you become an aromatherapy practitioner on any level, from home use for family to professional abilities to add to your practice or to begin a business doing consulting or selling essential oils. Our APT Program includes hands-on live classes taught by practicing aromatherapists, one of which has 40 years experience in the client-based practice. In addition, you will receive personalized mentorship to help guide you on your aromatic journey with an online support platform.

For us, the goal is the ARC exam and the title of RA. This is the gold standard of aromatherapy designations. Our classes, course, training program are geared to prepare you to take this exam if this is your goal too.

Do your research before embarking on a route of studies, and find what methods and levels of training are right for you.

Let us know what the the Atlantic Institute can do to support your practice.



The Blossoming Heart — The Sublime Effect of Essential Oils

holding the flower growing

How can we refresh and invigorate ourselves? How do we slow down and take the exit from the fast lane?  How can we let go of busyness and experience time to be?

The Blossoming Heart will help you move through any of your patterns that may be holding you back  — it is a synthesis of 25 years of clinical research and experience thru naturopath, kinesiology and aromatherapy.

Essential oils have been used since ancient times. Thru using Aromatic Kinesiology, we can see when the human spirit is motivated through the heart, thinking and feeling become expanded, allowing an experience to be viewed in an entirely different manner.

Essential oils have brought into our lives much more than simple fragrances.  All plant-based remedies have the potential to initiate an awakening of the soul.   They can rekindle our passion and dynamically activate the flowering of the heart.  Employing the true essential plant oils – (not the synthetic fragrances that abound in 90% of the products on the market), discovering that particular oil that carries you to new and exciting places, can heighten and deepen our awareness of how to influence our physical health, our state of mind, and our connection to spirit.  The creation of beauty can transcend us into another time and place deep within our being.

This 2 hour workshop will be held in the beautiful Longboat Key Education Center (in the Center Shops) on Gulf of Mexico Drive.   A Sublime Experience!!!   January 18th

Shamanic Course with Mic McManus – Special Guest Patricia Ann Starr

Universal Oneness – Interactive Shamanic Workshop  —

Experience the Unified field – held in a private, beautiful nature setting next to Myakka Forest.  The space is charged with powerful crystals and augmented with the essential oils.

We will be holding a sacred Fire Ceremony in the Shamanic tradition.

$75 includes nutritious lunch.

Call to reserve your spot, and get directions:  419-280-1573 or 941-356-7768

November 2013


holding the flower growing

November 2013

My practice has really grown in its scope over the last few years.    After 8 years of doing amazing work with the 2 year cranial structural work with Don McCann, it came time for me to expand that knowledge.  My clients were demanding it — and the cases were getting more challenging.   I always take this as a good sign — and then I “go for it”.    I have upgraded my skill level three-fold, to include advance cranial training with Dallas Hancock — and further refining with Flo Barber —  that has increased the efficacy of my work immensely.  Then this past summer, I had the privilege of working with a very accomplished Oesteopath and Zuni Medicine Teacher, which took my practice to a whole ‘nother level!

I have a new distinction in my practice — which you will notice on my updates in FB and my massage site:   I call this The Luminous Body.   This refers to our etheric body — which is truely the template in which our physical body emerges from thought, through the embryo stage.  What an astounding awakening for me!!  To begin to comprehend the manifestation into this world starting from thought!  and then follow the emerging from the next phase:  breath, to then the segmentation of that breath into the 3D “reality” I was taught – is called “the Dreaming” — where the embryo forms, starting with the 4th Chakra – the heart — which is the very first organ that starts.  Literally within 24 hours — we have a heart – that beats!!  Then the 2nd chakra point forms and on it goes…

So, actually — getting to the deeper level of the etheric body, hold the most power for us, in our core — for our own healing.   And it is so subtle!!    This is one of my biggest challenges in my practice, especially after having done deep bodywork for 15 years!! — and being so focused on this 3D reality.  Yet, I have always been aware of subtle energies — for certainly, I work with them thru the energetic healing work and the essential oils.  So it is a shift from my hands — and me, just getting out of the way — and wow!! What a difference!!

So I am having fun exploring this newness, and opened to see where it leads……………..


Surrounded by Health

Monday, August 8th, 2011

I am at Peace

The last 20 years of my life have been dedicated to balance, health and being in my heart space, following an abrupt departure from Corporate America and two rounds of breast cancer.  I moved into a spiritual community (an Ashram), began practicing the spiritual practices of meditation, sadhana, and seva.

Little did I know what I was doing, and what I was in for!!  It was truly a transformative journey, an incredible opportunity — taking me deeply within, and literally burning up so many patterns that were trapping my spirit within.  When I asked my teacher to show me the meaning of sadhana (… religious s?dhan?, which both prevents an excess of worldliness and molds the mind and disposition (bh?va) into a form which develops the knowledge of dispassion and non-attachment.  S?dhan? is a means whereby bondage becomes liberation.) and the meaning of seva (selfless service, work offered to God) — the journey began — and still deepens even 20 years later.

Through many trials (by fire), my being has been purified, and continues, and now, each moment becomes brighter and more beautiful.  I gained a deep self love, I gained an amazing healthy outlook,  a tolerance, and a sense of wonder about everything.  When I’m challenged, my meditation and my service always uplift me and show me the divine.  What a blessing!!! I’m in awe.

The intention of this website/blog is to share beauty, health, nutrition, yoga, body care and healthy lifestyle.  That these blessings may be shared and uplift others!!