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Why We Don’t Offer Aromatherapy Certification

Most aromatherapy programs offer for you to become a “Certified Aromatherapist,” but what does this really mean? Since aromatherapy is not officially regulated, as in other trades like massage and nursing, we get a broad spectrum of aromatherapy programs and how they market their educational products. 

We’ve decided against offering a particular title of certification, and instead focus on what it really takes to create confident and empowered Aromatherapy Practitioners.

All our classes do give a certificate showing you have completed the hours and topics listed. However this is not a certification or license to practice. In reality, the term “certification” has no meaning, it is simply a marketing term used by schools just like how the terms “certified pure therapeutic or pharma grade” are used by essential oil companies.

The only recognized title in aromatherapy is the Registered Aromatherapist or RA designation. This is given after one takes the independent exam offered by ARC

Our classes and course are designed to help you become an aromatherapy practitioner on any level, from home use for family to professional abilities to add to your practice or to begin a business doing consulting or selling essential oils. Our APT Program includes hands-on live classes taught by practicing aromatherapists, one of which has 40 years experience in the client-based practice. In addition, you will receive personalized mentorship to help guide you on your aromatic journey with an online support platform.

For us, the goal is the ARC exam and the title of RA. This is the gold standard of aromatherapy designations. Our classes, course, training program are geared to prepare you to take this exam if this is your goal too.

Do your research before embarking on a route of studies, and find what methods and levels of training are right for you.

Let us know what the the Atlantic Institute can do to support your practice.



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